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22 weeks ago

Thanos was floored by the "flying colors" (excluded) half of the universe in the Avengers: Infinity War fans were crying out of tears. However, his sin did not stop there. Thanks to Marvel president Kevin Feige, it turns out that Thanos also served half of the animals in the universe. Dogs, chickens, even insects do not leave one. Watch zmovies online free now.

In an interview on July 9th, when asked whether the power of flicking was applied to animals, Kevin Feige said earnestly, "Yes, yes, all life. " This is the logical answer to the policy of "perfect balance" and to all Thanos's heart, but still "heartbreaking" when it comes to thinking that half of the animals and wildlife are gone. do not know what's going on

Perhaps after this statement, Marvel Studios will be calling in PETA (Animal Rights Protection) in a few days. Hopefully the Avengers 4 will bring the animals back, because otherwise the audience will be angry. The Collector's Cosmogon follows many events, and he deserves to live. John Wick's dog, if Thanos had missed his fingers, watch out!

In another incident, the mass purges on the Reddit social networking site were also featured on Marvel's official Twitter page. For those who do not know, subreddit (Thanos Did Nothing Wrong) has decided to cast a half of the participants in the style of the crazy Titan. But because the event attracted so much attention, the number of followers increased faster than the number of people kicked out of the group, so far this subreddit has not been able to carry out half the ban more than 300 000 people.

From now until the Avengers 4 is still 10 months away, so Marvel fans can quench their thirst with a more cheerful Ant-Man and the Wasp, but watch out for the back end credits. Directly connected to the Infinity War. The movie is currently being screened in theaters nationwide.
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