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22 weeks ago

Throughout each mission, the heavy challenge and brain scales, in turn the dark patches at the border of unrest is barely shown in front of the girl. From the beginning to the end of the film, the brutality and brutality of the fight is revealed, and Kate realizes she does not belong to that land. Watch 365 movies online free.

The new series continues to bring dark patches in unstable areas. This time, no more than Matt or Alejandro, the name of the US government is portrayed as the scapegoats who are ready to do bad things, as long as they reach their goal.

The problem of Mexican-American border crime appears more lightly and vaguely than the first. Criminals are like weak puppets in a government game, not a terrible disaster covering the whole land of evil.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado also mentions illegal immigration lines from Mexico to the United States of crime syndicates. However, the problem is built on a parallel story line, quite separate from the main storyline, and almost no connection or create a significant psychological effect.

All made the film lack the thorny, dark and heavy as the first. The unanswerable questions about Sicario's sinful, evil, right and wrong are gone. This is merely a work trying to reproduce the identity of the head, but the result is quite faint.
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